Some of our favorite projects over the years. If you ever have any inquiries, feel free to contact us!

  1. Tom Sachs Mars Yard 1.0 Customs.

    This custom was created using the Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe. We carefully removed the outer wrap to free the uppers. Since the original outsole is blue, we had to paint the outsole to match the 1.0's. After gluing the outer sole, we stitched the pull tab and the tongue the adjusted length to match the 1.0's as well.

  2. AJ1 Heritage Travis Scott Inspired Customs.


    The base shoe used for this custom was the AJ1 Heritages. We removed the original swoosh and added the hand cut leather reverse swoosh and stitched it on to match the infamous Travis'. We also added some age to the white to help take away from the perforated leather from the original swoosh.

  3. AJ1 Low Smoke Grey Off-White Inspired Customs.


    The base shoe used for this custom was the AJ1 Smoke Grey Lows. There was a lot of little details to this project that made it so fun! From all the stitching to match the Off-White's to adding the heat vinyl's on the sole and inside panels.

  4. AJ4 Batman Customs.


    This customs base shoe was the AJ4 Oreo's. Repainted the midsoles and tabs and added black splatter to reference the base shoe.

  5. Mambacurial Inspired Custom Football Cleats.


    Customs base shoe was completed all red and very beat. Client wanted to give them a make over!

  6. 2006 Nike SB Tiffany Lows.


     Complete swoosh swap & midsole reglue.

  7. 1999 AJ4 White Cement.

    Complete midsole swap.

  8. AJ1 Chicago Off-White.
  9. 2001 AJ3 Black Cement.

    Heel tab swapped after midsole swap.

  10. 2000 AJ6 Infrared.


    Complete midsole swap & NIKE AIR paint.